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Save the Rain Forest!

This project secures Samsi’s job as a tree keeper.

Save the Rain Forest!

The largest natural disaster has already begun. The rain forest, habitat to thousands of animal and plant species is being destroyed.
In the rain forest slash and burn and an increasing number of peat fires are the order of the day releasing climate damaging carbon dioxide and methane gas into the air. The reforestation of Mawa is contributing to more filtered and cleaner air and returns a piece of natural habitat to Orang-Utans.
Local farmers search the rain forest for tree seeds and drop them off at one of two tree nurseries. Here the small trees are cultivated until it is time and their large and strong enough to take their designated spot in the reforestation area.

To ensure proper tree growth there’s always a tree keeper around for weeding and watering and most importantly to look out for fires in the area.
Samsi is one of those tree keepers. He spends 20 days a month on sight and takes incredibly good care of the newly planted trees.
During this time, he is staying at camp „Release“ which is one of the outposts of the Orang-Utan survival station about 600 km away from the reforestation area.

3.000 € secure Samsi’s important job as a tree keeper for another year.

Please help us saving the rain forest.

Thank you!

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