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Release 3 Orang-Utans into the Wild

3 Orang-Utans brought up in captivity are released into the wild and to freedom.

Release 3 Orang-Utans into the Wild

More than 500 seized and confiscated Orang-Utans are sheltered in the two rescue stations of the BOS foundation.
Whenever the flap of a transportation box is opened in the middle of the rainforest and an Orang-Utan is released into his new life in freedom that is the most extraordinary moment for the entire BORNEO ORANGUTAN SURVIVAL team.

Years of challenging work have led up to this very moment.
Years that were needed for the apes to work through their trauma.
Years that were needed to train the animals to survive in the wilderness.
Years that were needed for the Orang-Utans to learn how to find edible plants and fruit, which animals and plants to avoid, how to build a sleeping nest, how to move about best in the treetops at the forest school and on playgrounds.

A scientific team of primatologists, veterinarians and biologists determines which of the Orang-Utan's are ready and fit enough to leave the survival camps.

The Orang-Utans are transported by car and boat to a remote piece of land by the BOS crew. The main priority being to keep the Orang-Utan's stress level at a minimum and to protect the animals from injuries and illnesses.

4.500 € fund the release of three Orang-Utans into the wild.
Covering expenses for:

- cars & gas
- boats
- supplies for the Orang-Utans and the team
- transportation boxes
- regular medical checks
- transponders (for surveillance)

If you want to help the Orang-Utans being released into the wild to freedom, we’d appreciate your support.

Your donation goes directly to the non-profit organisation and is only used for this project.

Thank you!

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