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Fight Plastic Trash

This project provides children with an educational and awareness program in regards of the topic "avoiding plastic trash" for 35 schools in Indonesia.

Fight Plastic Trash

Indonesia has the second-highest number of garbage and plastic disposal into the open sea worldwide. The non-profit organisation BandaSEA on the Banda Islands offers educational and awareness programs to help stop the waste disposal into the sea.
The children learn how to reduce waste, develop recycling and upcycling ideas and only use returnable beakers and reusable dishes.

In the long run the goal is to include all of the 35 schools on the Banda Islands in the program. Currently only 3 schools can participate in the program due to capacity reasons every year. The schools continue to run the concept on their own afterwards.

3.600 € fund a years' worth of:

- "Anti-Plastic-Training"
- returnable beakers & reusable dishes
- tools for recycling & upcycling ideas
for three schools.

Thank you for your support!

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